Night Clubs in Paisley

We forget what it is like to have an evening out with friends and chill out to some music. Having a night out with friends is an important part of recovering from the tiredness you get from work and chores you do every day. So Parsley has got some very nice night clubs, where you will forget about you everyday problems.

Club 69 Paisley

The Club Paisley

Club 69 aims to bring the world's finest DJs and very best electronic music to our inclusive, friendly and safe space in Paisley. Did you know it’s only a 4min walk from Paisley Gilmour St Station

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The Wee Howff

The Wee Howff in Paisley

The Wee Howff – where the beers are cold and the welcomes are warm.
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Vienna's & Blur Nightclub

Vienna's and Blur Nightclub in Paisley

Vienna's is all about the here and now, with fresh chart and dance tunes being pumped out through the 10k sound system.
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