Theme Parks and Entertainment Centres in Paisley

How do you feel about visiting Paisley’s entertainment centres? Your child will fall in love and have an unforgettable day out with his mom, dad and friends. There are centres, which can be fun for adults too. Paisley is a really fun city and you can really enjoy yourself there with friends and family.

Snow Factor

Snow Factor in Paisley

With dedicated teaching and instruction slope, main ski slope, 4 ski lifts, ice climbing wall, Bavarian Restaurans, Festive Grotto, Sledging and Scotland’s only Ice Bar it really is the perfect winter fun destination and all only 10 minutes from Glasgow city centre.
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The Big Adventure

The Big Adventure in Paisley

Once upon a time, a team of explorers were sent on a fun and action packed adventure. They found a magical and exciting place known as The Big Adventure, for thrill seeking children and families to enjoy.
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