Thug caged after stamping on girlfriend and leaving her with triple fracture

A drunk thug dubbed Scotland’s skint answer to Richard Burton has been caged for a savage attack which left his gun woman girlfriend with a triple ankle fracture.

Gary Kinnon and Deborah Milligan have been described as a budget version of Burton and Elizabeth Taylor due to their drinking habits and tempestuous relationship – and lack of diamonds.

The pair have landed in the dock at Paisley Sheriff Court on countless occasions over their behaviour towards each other during their relationship.

And Kinnon has now been caged for three years over a rammy between them at a flat in Paisley, near Glasgow.

The sentence was backdated to March last year when he was first remanded in custody.

Richard Burton looking handsome
Gary Kinnon has been compared to Welsh screen legend Richard Burton.
(Image: Samsung/PA Wire)

He was also told he will be supervised for 12 months once released from custody as part of a Supervised Release Order (SRO).

The SRO will see him monitored in the community by a criminal justice social worker and having to abide by any conditions they set.

Conditions can include attending drug or alcohol counselling, and criminals who break their SROs can be returned to prison.

Kinnon, 50, was convicted of stamping on Milligan, 46, following a trial at Paisley Sheriff Court in January.

The court heard Kinnon assaulted Milligan, who was previously jailed over a firearms offence, on March 22 last year, leaving her with a “severe injury.”

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Kinnon had denied assaulting Milligan, who has a previous conviction for assaulting him, insisting she had lied about what happened.

He claimed he had refused to buy her alcohol on the day in question – causing her to be angry and make a malicious report to police about what happened.

He said she suffered the injury when she tripped up and fell over in the flat and, the court heard, it was Kinnon who summoned an ambulance to the property to treat her injuries by calling 999.

The jury – who appeared via video link from a cinema – heard Milligan has 12 previous convictions involving police officers, court or prison staff, 10 for public order offences, and 23 for offences of dishonesty.

She also received an 18-month sentence after being caught with a handgun and has three previous convictions for drug offences, including possession of heroin.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor
Deborah Milligan has been compared to legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Whilst giving evidence, Milligan admitted she had a history of lying and a checkered past but insisted she was being truthful about the attack.

Milligan, who also admitted she was convicted of a domestic assault on Kinnon – by punching him in a Post Office – said: “It was an imitation handgun – it was a plastic handgun.

“I have told lies and I have done things I shouldn’t have done. It’s the drugs.

“When you get addicted you do things you wouldn’t normally, and that’s why I’ve done the things that I’ve done.”

Defence solicitor David Nicholson, representing Kinnon, asked Milligan if him phoning the ambulance for her showed he “was concerned for” her.

She replied: “No, not when someone is winding, and winding, and winding, and winding you up, beating you up and giving you black eyes.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor with her husband Richard Burton walk away disappointed after not being allowed to enter Edinburgh Castle on July 22, 1963 – because it was closed
Actress Elizabeth Taylor and husband Richard Burton outside Edinburgh Castle in 1963.

“He wouldn’t give me any of my money, which was in his account.”

In January, the jury found Kinnon guilty of the attack by majority, and prosecutor Martina McGuigan asked Sheriff Seith Ireland to impose a Non-Harassment Order, which would see the couple banned from being together.

But Mr Nicholson opposed the move, pointing out that Kinnon had continued to receive handwritten letters from Milligan whilst he was in prison, remanded in custody over the case.

And he said she had contacted him the night before the trial, asking him if they could live together when he was released from custody.

Sheriff Ireland called for background reports to be prepared and adjourned sentencing for that to be done.

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Kinnon was meant to learn his fate last month, but a crucial background report could not be prepared by social workers due to a Covid outbreak at Low Moss Prison, where Kinnon was on remand.

Sentencing was further adjourned until last week, and Kinnon was locked up on Friday when he returned to the dock to learn his fate.

Burton, a heavy drinker, and Taylor famously began having an affair while filming in the 1960s, before embarking on a decade-long fiery romance.

In a previous Paisley Sheriff Court case, defence lawyer Terry Gallanagh said: “They are Paisley’s Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor – but without the diamonds.

“I say that as they have an intense passion for each other but the relationship is alcohol sodden and can often overspill into violence, usually her toward him.”

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