Scots serial rapist jailed for six years for litany of offences

A Scots serial rapist who told a sobbing victim that she would “enjoy it eventually” has been jailed for at least six years.

Steven Stalley, 32, raped three women and sent two of them abusive texts at various addresses in Paisley, Renfrewshire between March 2007 and March 2018.

It included an incident where he told one crying victim who pleaded with him to stop “you’ll enjoy it eventually.”

He also stalked a further nine woman by phone after demanding their numbers during brief encounters in the street or on buses and sexually assaulted another woman.

Stalley would then text and call the women for months becoming more and more threatening. He left a voicemail for one women saying: “I’m gonnae slit your throat.”

Stalley was found guilty at the High Court in Glasgow of raping the three women and sending the two women the messages.

Judge Tom Hughes today put Stalley on a life long restriction order which includes a period of imprisonment for six years before he can apply for parole.

The judge said: “These were an appalling series of offences.

“These witnesses came to court to give evidence about your involvement with them and it’s quite clear it was very difficult for them.

“They were dignified and must take great credit in doing so hopefully they can put this behind them.

“It’s quite clear that you had difficulties in the past but your brought your own difficulties on innocent people.

“It is quite awful they had to suffer because of what happened to you in the past.”

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An unlimited non-harassment order was also granted to restrict contact between Stalley and two of the victims.

Stalley claimed that all the sexual activity was consensual and described an evening when he throttled one woman and told her she was going to die when she said she was leaving as “a good night in with pizza.”

Stalley chatted to one of his victims, who was drunk, outside a nightclub and persuaded her to let him and two friends go back to her house.

The woman went to bed after putting on her pyjamas over her clothes and went to bed believing all three men had left.

However, Stalley had hidden himself in her home and as she slept stripped her naked and then raped her.

She said: “I woke up naked and he was having sex with me.”

The woman told the court that Stalley had tied her dog to a radiator during the rape.

Another woman told the court she wept before, during and after being raped by Stalley.

She said: “When I said I wanted to end the relationship. He raped me and said: ‘You’ll enjoy it eventually.”

Despite her crying and pleading with Stalley he ignored her and carried on raping her.

He bombarded other women he had met at bus stops and persuaded to exchange phone numbers with him with hundreds of texts and calls.

Prosecutor Murdoch McTaggart said: “Mr Stalley was in all cases asserting his dominance over his victims. He had sex with them when they said no. He badgered them with texts. He was belittling and controlling towards them.

“It didn’t matter if any victim who he raped said no he was having sex anyway. If a woman said she did not want contact with the accused she was bombarded with texts.”

One victim told of going out with a friend and being ordered back home by Stalley, only to find him having sex with another woman in the common close.

In evidence, Stalley said: “The sex was always 100 per cent consensual. I didn’t rape anyone.”

He also denied bombarding five victims with threatening and abusive texts and voice mail, although he pled guilty to stalking another six women by phone.

The court heard that whenever Stalley met a woman he was interested in sexually he would demand her phone number after chatting for a while.

He would ensure he was not given a false number by testing while the woman was there to make sure it rang when he called it.

Bob Mitchell, defending, told the court Stalley was the victim of bullying as a child and a young man.

The lawyer added: “When he was rejected by women, he couldn’t take that and led to, not putting a fine point on it, bad behaviour.

“He had a problem with rejection and belonging which continued into his twenties.”

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