Scotland’s male Mrs Hinch shares cleaning products he can’t live without

He’s an Instagram sensation who turned his council flat into a sparkling clean paradise.

And Scotland’s male Mrs Hinch has revealed the essential products he can’t live without.

Mario McKnight, 36, from Paisley, shared some of his go-to bargain buys in a mini cleaning shopping haul with his 126,000 Instagram followers.

The cleanfluencer, who is known for his ‘hello my lovelies’ catchphrase, revealed the products he swears by in order to get his glamorous home looking spotless.

The cleanfluencer, who is known for ‘hello my lovelies’ catchphrase, revealed the products he swears by
(Image: Mario McKnight/Instagram)

He even shared some top tips to go that extra mile to make your place a pristine paradise.

Here are just a few of his top essential cleaning products:

Dettol disinfectant liquid

Mario swears by this product in the scent cotton breeze, which is mixed with water to clean everything from bathroom to kitchen surfaces.

He told his followers: “ I absolutely love this scent and the scent.

“This is only a pound for this wee bottle. A little goes a long way because obviously you dilute it.”

“Great product, love a bit of Dettol,” he added.

Ozmo antibacterial fridge and microwave cleaning spray 

The cleaning sensation said he has “used this product for ages”, which cleans fridges, freezes and microwaves while getting red of bad smells.

He added: “Picked up this for my fridge and microwave, I absolutely love this. Ran out and needed a bottle.”

Ozmo bin scent freshener

Mario also loves Ozmo’s bin freshener in the scent ‘citrus fresh’.

He said: “It’s beautiful for your bin once you’ve changed it, just spray down the inside and even in your bin bag”.

Duck fresh strips

The instagram star is a huge fan of these Duck toilet gels in the scent pine, which keep your loo smelling fresh.

He said: “Picked up my usual as I ran out of these, love them for down the toilet.

“You can pick up three for a pound, I love the scent pine.”

Minky sponges

Mrs Hinch caused a phenomenon when she revealed the Minky cloth was one of her secret cleaning weapons – and Mario is a huge fan of them too.

He said: “Picked up my favourite minky sponges.

“I love the thicker ones, they’re just so good for cleaning with. Love them.”

Fabulosa all-in-one unicorn dust

This magic spray can be used on everything from taps, to pet beds and bins to car seats.

Mario told his followers: “- I actually bought it ages ago in this scent but I broke the lid. Love this scent as well. Cannae go wrong with a wee bit of disinfectant.”

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Tesco antibacterial bathroom surface cleaner spray

This unassuming product is just 80p in Tesco but helps ward away nasty bugs in the bathroom – and Mario swears by it.

He said: “You’ve all heard heard me talking about this, this is an amazing product.

“The scent alone is just so fresh and so clean. Plus the price point is so cheap for this, you get a massive bottle – it’s absolutely huge.

“It’s a staple of mine in my bathroom.”

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