Robyn Fryar hit-and-run killer’s jail sentence ‘could be extended’ by judges

Judges are considering whether to extend the sentence of an evil hit and run killer who mowed down tragic Scots schoolgirl Robyn Fryar before leaving her dying in the road.

Shaun Gatti previously admitted causing the popular 15-year-old’s death after knocking her down as he sped through the streets of Paisley in July 2019.

The 31-year-old had been captured drinking from a fishbowl cocktail on CCTV at Vienna nightclub during the hours leading up to the horror collision.

The Scots schoolgirl lost her life while out celebrating the end of exams with her friends

A court was previously told how young Robyn was struck by Gatti’s Volkswagen Golf as she crossed the road at around 2am while celebrating the end of exams with her pals.

Her badly injured body was carried ‘for a distance’ on the bonnet of the vehicle, which was on the wrong side of the road, before she was thrown forward when the killer hit the brakes.

Vile Gatti then fled the scene and attempted to hide the badly damaged car underneath tarpaulin but was snared by cops after an anonymous tip off.

He was caged for five years and three months at the High Court in Glasgow but prosecutors immediately launched an appeal against the leniency of his sentence.

At a virtual hearing in Edinburgh on Friday, a panel of judges said they needed time to consider whether or not the sentence would be extended.

It was heard in front of Lady Dorrian, Lord Turnbull and Lord Pentland, who said: “This is a case which will require time to make our decision.”

Lady Dorrian added that a written decision would be issued “in due course”.

The schoolgirl’s heartbroken parents Iain Fryar and Cheryl Madden previously labelled the original jail term as “pathetic” and said Gatti had treated their daughter “worse than an animal”.

Parents of Robyn Fryar, Iain Fryar and ex-partner Cheryl Madden

The heartbroken couple had waited years to have their “precious wee girl” after undergoing IVF to conceive.

Dad Iain earlier told the Daily Record : “Cheryl waited years to qualify for IVF. We were together for around a year and half when she got the letter telling her she could get it.

“She asked me and I said yes. And after the first time, we got our wee precious girl. It was a dream come true. I’ve never seen two happier people.

“You go through all that, you get her and she gets taken away from you in the most horrific way possible.”

He added: ‘Instead of him going out with a load of guns, Gatti went out with this car and killed our daughter with no remorse.

The badly damaged Golf was hidden by Gatti in a bid to get away with the crime

“What kind of person throws a child off a car and leaves them lying on the ground dying? “The justice system is pathetic to be honest with you and how they got to that sentence, we just don’t know. I don’t think he (Gatti) was even bothered.”

Dad Iain initially found out that Robyn had been knocked down after receiving a phone call from his niece, who lived near the scene.

He raced to the hospital but knew the moment he saw his daughter’s battered body that she would never survive her horror injuries.

He added: “I saw them bring her out of the ambulance and I knew my daughter wasn’t going to make it. I had to phone Cheryl to get her to come to the hospital.

Gatti was seen drinking from a fish bowl cocktail on the night he killed Robyn
(Image: Crown Office)

“I never thought I’d ever have to make a call like that or get one like it. You always think it’s going to happen to somebody else, never you.

“We didn’t get to say goodbye because she was already gone. We got taken into the room just after it. I wouldn’t leave her, I wouldn’t let them take her to the mortuary.

“They told us she was alive and still breathing for three hours. And I just hope she didn’t feel all that pain, I really do. It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

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Gatti, who was driving at speeds of up to 47mph in a 30mph zone, was also banned from the roads for 11 years and nine months.

Daily Record – Paisley