Respected Paisley artist donates lockdown paintings to Accord Hospice

A renowned Paisley artist has donated his lockdown art and part of his collection to Accord Hospice.

Falconer Houston has been supporting the much-loved hospice by donating artwork for years.

During lockdown he was inspired to do more of his vistas of places he’s visited around the world.

And he decided that rather than having them lie around his house, he’d sell them and donate the proceeds to Accord.

Falconer said: “During lockdown I did about 19 paintings and of course there are no exhibitions so they were all sitting around.

“I thought rather than have them stood against a wall it was better to get rid of them.

“I’m 87 and I’d rather sell them now so I can get pleasure from donating money, than when I’m gone.

“I phoned my friends to see if they were interested and reduced the price by about half just to get them sold.”

Falconer sold about 23 of his collection and has given the rest, about 20 paintings, to Accord for them to sell as they wish.

Falconer, pictured here with Sally Reaper of Aberdeen’s Look Again Festival, says he wanted to “get rid” of his works
(Image: PAI)

Falconer was the head of the art department at Castlehead High School before retiring in 1989. He then picked up his paintbrush and also took up pottery.

He estimates he’s sold about 400 paintings over the years which has raised money for Accord and given him an income to travel to new places for inspiration.

Falconer doesn’t pot any more as the cold, damp clay isn’t good for his hands, but he’s still enjoying painting.

“I haven’t made a fortune but enough to take me on holidays and buy my art materials,” he said. “I’ve been very lucky.

“I retired in 1989. It’s not everyone who lives more than 30 years in retirement. I’m still painting although my eyesight is not quite as good as it was.”

He added: “I’ve travelled about nearly every year. I’ve been to India, Alaska, Italy, Spain and France. My paintings are inspired by those places.

“It was nice to revisit the places in my mind during lockdown. Some of my older paintings I’ve forgotten I’ve been there.”

As well as being a renowned Paisley artist and member of the Paisley Art Institute, Falconer was a keen film-maker for about 30 years while he taught at Castlehead.

He’s donated paintings to Accord’s annual art show for several years and is happy to support the hospice as much as he can.

He said: “I had a friend who died in the hospice and I’ve supported them for many years.

“It’s a win-win for me. I’m selling the paintings and getting them up on walls and able to support the hospice.

“Painting was an absolute joy to me during lockdown. I’d walk upstairs to my studio and get on with it.”

Vanessa Robinson, Accord Hospice fundraiser, thanked Falconer for his generous donation and support of the years.

She said: “Falconer Houston has been a long term supporter of Accord Hospice, donating painting and exhibiting in our annual exhibitions.

“Recently, he has been selling paintings from home and presented us with an amazing cheque for £4,055.

“Falconer also donated 22 paintings over and above the cheque to do with as we wish. Falconer says that he is happy to be donating it to the Hospice so that they are no longer perched up against the wall.

“He is delighted that we can take them off his hands and use as raffle prizes or auction prizes. Falconer even joked saying even if you can get a fiver, it all helps. Such a generous man.

“Falconer donated a mass of paintings to use several years ago to once again use as we wish. We cannot thank him enough for his generosity.”

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