Raging bully decked girlfriend and dragged her along the ground

A raging bully decked his girlfriend and dragged her along the ground during a drug-induced rampage.

Robert Meikle, 34, grabbed Ms Claire Donnachie, pulled across the floor of a public laundrette on March 5, this year.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard Meikle, who has previous convictions for domestic violence involving the same complainer, had arranged to met her at the washroom near to her home in Shortroods to avoid the attention of cops.

Procurator fiscal depute Ed Sheeran added Ms Donnachie and Meikle had been in a relationship for five years, but were not staying together at the time of the assault.

He said: “He attended the laundrette situated near her home and she also attended.

“This was to give him a mobile phone, however, an argument ensued, and he assaulted her.

“The accused seized hold of her and she fell to the ground in the premises. He then grabbed her by her legs and started to pull her across the floor.”

The court heard Ms Donnachie was shouting at him to stop when he let go of her and headed to her nearby house.

The attack was reported to cops who quickly attended and clocked Meikle on the balcony outside her flat where he was arrested for breaching special conditions of bail preventing him from contacting or approaching Ms Donnachie.

The court heard Meikle suddenly became unwell in custody when he “started foaming at the mouth” and was taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

When he woke after treatment he “suddenly lunged forward” shouting abuse at officers, making threats and claiming he would “kill” them.

The court heard Meikle even threatened to target an officer’s family and “moved his hands in a shooting motion.”

The yob also attempted to butt one officer with his head during the violence at the hospital.

He was fitted with restraints but it still required four cops to stand guard at his treatment room.

Meikle appeared from custody where he pleaded guilty to a charge of assaulting Ms Donnachie to her injury by seizing her by the body and pulling her along the ground.

He also admitted repeatedly breaching special conditions of his bail preventing him from approaching or contacting her.

Meikle also pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer by attempting to butt him with his head and seizing the officer by the body.

And he admitted responsibility for a charge of public disorder by shouting, swearing and making threats of violence against police at Paisley’s hospital.

Defence agent Bob Kerr told how his client and Ms Donnachie “cannot keep away from each other,” and have been involved in “chaotic drug use,” throughout their relationship.

He said: “He is not a man of violence. There is violence in his record. But most of his offending relates to domestic matters as well as dishonesty to fund his drug habit.

“He was taking drugs with Ms Donnachie. That’s the reason he was there. She also had his house keys and his phone.

“He had taken street valium. They were getting more. He advised they meet in the laundrette as police had been around her flat.”

Mr Kerr added both became involved in the argument when Ms Donnachie was assaulted “during the course of a struggle.”

He added: “He knows this is unacceptable.”

Sheriff Gillian Craig deferred sentencing Meikle to call for background reports and remanded him in jail.

He will discover his fate when he appears back at court next month.

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Daily Record – Paisley