Police hunt coronavirus denier who is spreading fake news in Scotland’s largest town

A serial coronavirus denier has struck for the third time.

The latest twisted message appeared on the wall of the busy Phoenix Retail Park at Linwood.

The spot is a mile and a half from where a menace struck at the weekend.

Barskiven Road links the Linwood Phoenix retail zone to Ferguslie Park and is a busy route for traffic.

A source said: “The feeling is it could be the same person involved.

“All the writing is in capital letters of a very similar nature.

“And they seem to like the use of the words kids and adults.

“Whoever is doing this is making a right mess.

“But, more importantly, making a fool of all of us who are treating this virus deadly seriously.”

The words ‘Kids don’t belive this scamdec. Adults question nothing’ were sprayed on a wall in white paint two feet high.

They have wrongly spelled the words believe and scamdemic.

First incident – Cllr Stephen Burns in Foxbar
(Image: Andrew Neil)

In December, words were written on a building in Foxbar’s Lochaline Avenue.

The massive message, in black spray paint, said ‘Wake up for the kids sake. Scamdemic’, and has since been removed .

A second message was removed by Renfrewshire Council three days ago.

It read ‘Gullible adults are dissolving your freedom. Scamdemic’.

That was sprayed on a wall near a children’s play area at Maxwelltown Park.

The spot is half a mile from the Royal Alexandra Hospital, where 51 people have died of Covid-19.

Second attack – wall at Maxwellton Park
(Image: Supplied by Facebook user)

Councillor Kenny MacLaren, who represents the Paisley Northwest Ward, said: “Most, if not all, graffiti is unwelcome and costs the council and property owners money to remove.

“However, this goes further and is an insult to everyone who has had to stay at home to protect themselves and their loved ones.

“It’s an insult to those who have either suffered badly with covid or who have lost a loved one to this pandemic.”

Paisley police confirmed they had received reports of two separate incidents regarding the graffiti.

Inspector Tracy Harkins said: “The graffiti has appeared in Barskiven Road and Maxwelton Street in Paisley.

“All incidents of vandalism will be dealt with by Police Scotland and any person defacing the property of another will be charged


“I would like to appeal to any local residents who have information in relation to the acts of vandalism to contact Police Scotland on 101 or, if they wish to remain anonymous, please call 0800 555


Daily Record – Paisley