Pervert pensioner threatened to expose himself to female cops

A pervert pensioner has been spared jail after threatening to expose himself to female cops.

Peter Joyce, 71, also invited police officers to join him in an orgy.

Joyce was placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register and handed mandatory supervision by the local authority.

He was also warned to behave himself and do exactly what he is told by those supervising him following the “very serious offences” involving four constables.

He appeared for sentencing at Paisley Sheriff Court after pleading guilty to a charge of assaulting his partner Ms Christine Ogilvie, by throwing a bottle at her, causing it to strike her.

He also admitted making obscene gestures for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification or causing humiliation and distress to four serving female police officers, as well as making grossly offensive comments, gestures and threats in their presence.

The court heard he made filthy remarks and performed vile actions in front of four female cops called out to his home after he assaulted his partner.

Sozzled Joyce also threatened to drop his trousers, bragged he was performing a sex act, and invited officers to get into bed with him, as well as repeatedly showering cops with inappropriate language.

The pensioner had been drinking heavily prior to assaulting Ms Ogilvie, on July 28 last year, at their home in the west end of the town.

When she reported him, cops came to the flat and attempted to speak to Joyce when he looked one officer up and down and saying: “Oh! Oh! Oh! squat for me!”

He said to another cop: “Bet you were tastly little girl too,” and “Do you want me to take my trousers off?”

Joyce branded another cop: “A sexy wee girl,” and approached another officer and told her he was performing a sex act “right now.”

He said: “If this is a g***bang which one of you are going to get into bed with me?”

He also moved his head down towards a constable’s chest and licked his finger and pointed at the officer.

When he was arrested, he replied: “I am enjoying this.”

Defence agent Terry Gallanagh said his client had never been in trouble with the courts before and would be “more than willing” to comply with an order handed him by the court.

He added that Joyce had pleaded guilty to the charges and had found the incident “deeply embarrasing.”

He said: “There would be a good reason for the court to impose a Community Payback Order and he would be more than willing to comply with such an order.”

He added that Joyce and his partner are back together, and urged the court to spare placing him under a Non Harrassment Order, barring contact with his partner of 50 years, Ms Ogilvie.

Sheriff Bruce Erroch QC, who studied background reports, told him: “Your behaviour was simply disgraceful, both to the witness your partner, and to the young police officers.

“I accept that you regret your behaviour.

“However, you have come to court with a good record and I accept this behaviour was an aberration.”

He placed him on the Sex Offenders’ Register for six months and placed him under supervision by the local authority for same period, where he was ordered to attend appointments as directed.

Daily Record – Paisley