Pensioner, 70, loses £100k inheritance from late brother in sickening phone scam

A grieving pensioner has lost a £100,000 inheritance – left after her brother’s death – in a sickening phone scam.

The distraught OAP had her bank account cleared out by relentless crooks who posed as Virgin Media workers to quiz her about her bills.

After weeks of being targeted by the scam artists, she eventually handed over bank details, which led to almost £100,000 in inheritance being stolen.

Yesterday, the woman’s daughter revealed her 70-year-old mum had been left devasted by the con.

She added: “We are just so sad that we weren’t able to protect her.”

During the prolonged scam, the Paisley pensioner was repeatedly told there was a problem with her bill and, as they appeared to know so much information about her account, she thought they were legitimate.

They even convinced her to disconnect her internet, telling her they were sending her a new router.

But, in reality, they were giving themselves time to empty almost £100,000 from her bank account.

Her distraught daughter told the Express the money had been an inheritance from her brother who had recently died.

Her worried family say she has been left anxious and shaken by the ordeal and they fear she may never get the cash back.

She told the Express: “We had no idea this was going on and we are all just so sad that we weren’t able to protect her.

“All of this happened over the course of a few weeks. They were relentless and just kept calling her.

“They told her that her internet had been compromised and that there was a problem with a bill.

“They eventually convinced her to hand over her details and she really thought she was helping them.

“My mum is really vulnerable and they completely took advantage of her.

“We don’t even know fully what they were saying to her, but we know she was so worried as they were telling her she couldn’t tell her family about it.

“It only all came to light when my brother was visiting and she got a phone call from the bank to say what had happened.

“She has been left so confused and shaken by it.

“She is so anxious she has been having chest pains.

“We’re devastated.”

The fraudsters were able to get access to the woman’s accounts by telling her to download an app called Quick Support, which is a genuine app that allow users to gain remote access to their devices.

However, it is understood these apps are commonly used by scammers to gain remote access to victim’s phones and computers.

It’s understood the scammers used the app to link to access her mobile device and transfer the funds.

It’s another blow in what has already been a tough year for the Paisley family, according to her daughter.

She added: “My mum is disabled. She was in hospital for four months with covid and then she had a fall and broke her pelvis.

“She still isn’t doing great as she has long covid, so this really was the last thing she needed.

“It’s so heartbreaking to know this has happened to them, My parents have worked hard and been careful all their lives to have this happen to them.”

The family have bravely spoken out about their ordeal in the hope it may stop someone else being caught out by heartless scammers.

The woman’s daughter added: “If I could get one message out there it would be that just because these things are genuinely available in app stores on phones, it doesn’t mean it is safe.

“I would hate for this to happen to anyone else.”

Daily Record – Paisley