Parking measures now in place after council U-turn on Well Street barriers

New parking measures installed as part of a council U-turn on social distancing barriers are now in force at Paisley ’s west end.

Around 20 parking bays, disabled bays and a loading bay have been added to Well Street in the town following the removal of the barricades earlier this month.

The new parking is set to be in place until March 2022, with the council hoping it will boost business for concerned traders, while helping to improve traffic flow and allow people to shop safely.

Renfrewshire Council agreed to add the new parking bays after traders claimed the £104,000 government funded project was having a detrimental effect on their business.

Retailers on the busy street warned the barriers would result in a number of premises closing down.

The Express previously revealed that some traders had suffered a loss of up to 50 per cent of their takings, with many fearing they would have to close their doors if the barriers remained for the scheduled 18 months.

The barriers had been installed as part of the Scottish Government’s Spaces for People Fund – which encourages local authorities to implement social distancing measures in towns.

Local shopkeepers on Well Street say barriers put up by council are seriously affecting their business
(Image: Andrew Neil)

Social distancing barriers were also placed in eight different locations, including Glasgow Road, Penilee Road and Well Street, Paisley; Main Road, Elderslie; Church Street and High Street, Johnstone and Porterfield Road, Renfrew.

Following the backlash from businesses, the council says it will remain in “close dialogue” with traders in regards to the new parking measures.

A spokesman said: “Barriers were initially installed to widen the footway to enable physical distancing to take place.

“Listening to feedback from businesses highlighting the impact on their trade, we removed these and have been in close dialogue with businesses to provide a suitable

 “This has seen around 20 additional parking spaces created, including disabled parking spaces and we have provided loading access for business

“These measures are in place to support safe access to business premises and encourage a turnover of customers, while improving traffic flow for buses and other vehicles and we continue to work with businesses at this location, altering where

“We recognise the impact coronavirus has had on local businesses and continue to listen and consider all available ways to play our part in assisting them.”

Daily Record – Paisley