Paolo Nutini fans call for music comeback to ‘make 2021 better’

Twitter users are calling for Paisley singer Paolo Nutini to ‘Give them some Candy’ and make a musical come back as it might be the answer to ‘making 2021 better.’

The Candy singer has been off the radar for around four years and fans are eager to hear some new music from the man himself.

His last album Caustic Love was released in 2014 and at the end of last year, fans got excited when the singer made his first social media post in over a year to promote the vinyl version of his album Sunny Side Up, but with no further news on when he would be making a comeback.

In the last 24 hours, fans have been flocking to Twitter to call on the 34-year-old to make an epic comeback.

Paolo Nutini hasn’t released new music since 2014.
(Image: Daily Record)

One wrote: “Where is Paolo Nutini. C’mon it’s 2021 we need you and your music.”

While another penned: “Paolo, we need your fine Scottish-Italian ass to release another great soulful album – it’s been 7 years man – hurry up!”

Fans urged him to make a comeback
(Image: Twitter)

And one tweeted: “I hope Paolo Nutini is doing okay wherever he is.”

“Another added: “Where are you @PaoloNutini ? It’s been 7 years now…”

“@PaoloNutini is this the year?”

And it’s not just Twitter users that are calling for the singer to make a comeback.

Last year, Lewis Capaldi revealed he would like to duet with the Paisley star.

During an Instagram Q&A, Lewis was asked if he’d ever be interested in teaming up with Paisley crooner Paolo, Lewis said: “Paolo? I’d love to bring a song out with Paolo.

“I always love it when people tweet something about how they like me, then someone will go ‘but he’s no as good as Paolo’, I’m like ‘I know that’, I’d love to do a song with him, that’s probably a career goal.”

Lewis’ comments come after a hilarious Twitter campaign was started in February last year on the back of him asking his 1.1m followers: “Right enough’s enough – where the f**k is Paolo Nutini?”

We don’t know about you but our “Hopes are Highhhhhhhh….”

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