Paisley hospital radio legend recalls bizarre “falling” patient story

A hospital radio DJ has revealed he once spoke to a patient who who broke his arms, legs and ribs after trying to break into a house.

The fella revealed he wasn’t the victim of a horror car smash or work accident, but had in fact been trying to commit a crime when he slipped and fell three storeys.

Norman Ross, who was a founder of hospital radio in 1969, recalled some of the memories he has made over the years of working within hospital wards.

Over a week after Paisley FM 107.5 announced a new partnership with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Norman highlighted the importance of the radio show for patients and staff.

“The radio is just as much for the staff as it is for the patients. We like to provide them with information throughout the day which will keep them informed as they go about their busy schedule.”

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Over the years, the Paisley FM director has seen his fair share of stories within the hospital wards since he started in 1969.

He used to send messages for patients to family members across the world, including Canada and Australia.

However, one story stood out for him when he was talking about the memories he has made on hospital radio.

Norman said: “One week I was up at a hospital in the orthopedics ward and I was talking to a young chap who had broken both his arms and legs. Both his arms were plastered and legs were in casts … and he had some broken ribs too.”

Norman proceeded to chat with the patient asking about his health and well-being and how he had been feeling since he came in. When he asked how he got injured, he truly didn’t expect the answer he was given by the patient.

“I asked him how long he would be in and he said a few months, which was common in those days. I said ‘I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how did it happen?’

“He told me he was climbing up a drain pipe to get into a house and he fell from three storeys up.”

“So… I jokingly said to him about losing his keys and trying to get in and he replied ‘No, I was trying to break into the house but I slipped and fell.

“It was the last answer I was expecting from him.”

The radio director also touched on how these memories are why he does hospital radio – because you never know what to expect, adding: “Every patient has a story.”

Norman had always been involved in radio throughout his working life and when asked what he enjoys most, he said “Cheering people up when they’re going through a tough time is a great feeling for me.”

Hospital radio recently returned to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, thanks to a partnership between NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Paisley FM 107.5.

Patients, staff and visitors can tune in to the new show between noon and 1pm.

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