Paisley artist bringing latest exhibition to town following two-year delay

An exhibition which is two years in the making in finally coming to town this weekend.

Paisley artist Thomas Carden will be showcasing his work in Made in Paisley tonight, after a two year delay caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The talented artist, who lives and works in the town, had been gearing up to launch his show – I’ll Put Another Hex on You – in March 2020.

However, the announcement of lockdown meant his show had to be put on hold.

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But he has now spent weeks setting up the colourful hexagonal pieces ready for the exhibition which kick off tonight from 6pm.

Thomas, who studied at the Glasgow School of Art, said: “The exhibition is comprised of various works all in the medium of painting. Some are stand alone and others are accumulative.

“The show is the culmination of several years work. Some of the accumulative pieces were started a few years ago, and others are more recent.

“The wallpaper paintings are recent and are ultimately a response to the lockdown and the round hexagram paintings deal with superstition. Hence the title of the exhibition.

“The show continues with the primary coloured flash cards that are akin to primary education, and continues further with fake heraldic shields. “The profusion alludes to consumerism and comodified production.”

Made in Paisley supports a number of local artists
(Image: Made In Paisley, UGC MSR)

The exhibition will launch tonight, and then run from March 21-24 and then from March 26-31.

Founders of Made in Paisley, Caroline Gormley and Alexander Guy are delighted to be welcoming Thomas to the Made in Paisley studio.

The couple – who launched the High Street studio in 2019 – regularly support artists, having most recently showcased the work of one of the UK’s most iconic punk artists Jamie Reid.

Reid, who is famous for his faux-ransom-note letters, iconoclastic defacement of pop culture and nationalistic images, showed his work titled Taking Liberties! 50 Years of Protest in October last year.

Caroline is hopeful the studio will be able to continue supporting artists in the future.

She said: “We are so happy to finally be hosting Thomas’s exhibition after a two year delay.

“We were geared up to launch the exhibition in 2020 and because of covid we had to cancel it.

“So it’s great that it is finally coming together after such a long time.

“Thomas’s work is fantastic and we are so happy he has chosen Made in Paisley to showcase his work.

“We are hoping loads of people come along while his work is on display and enjoy it.

“We are hoping to welcome more artists throughout the year and showcase the work of talented people from Paisley and beyond at Made in Paisley.”

As well as supporting working artists, Caroline and Alexander work with amateur artists in the town through their weekly art classes.

Adults and young people attend the classes to learn a number of painting and drawing skills.

For more information on the classes available at Made in Paisley, visit the studios Facebook page.

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