New dance mural is causing a stir in Paisley town centre

A delighted Paisley dance school boss says a new eye-catching mural has exceeded all her expectations.

Artist Mark Worst, the man behind the Kingfisher and The Young Poet paintings in the town, has created another urban masterpiece on the side of the Elma Whyte Performing Arts building in Incle Street.

Adelle Maasz told the Express the three leaping figures are exactly what she hoped for.

She said: “It has turned out even better than we ever thought.

“Our customers are so proud of it .

“All the cars and traffic going past were beeping their horns at Mark as he worked.

“It caused quite a stir in the community and that is exactly what we wanted.

“We are absolutely delighted with it.

“It’s so dynamic and striking.

“We wanted the dancers to be almost leaping out of the wall and that’s exactly what it is like.

“All our dancers are so excited to come back and see it and we have already had more enquiries from people about the school because of it.”

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Adelle hopes pupils will soon get chance to see the work up close when dance schools are given the green light to open again.

She added: “We got some disappointing news last week from Nicola Sturgeon that dance schools will not be allowed to open until September 14 at the earliest, which was devastating really.

“It will mean we will have been shut a full six months.

“It’s frustrating because we feel we have all the correct measures in place, we have socially distanced spaces, a one way system, we have a track and trace system so we will know exactly who is in the building.

“But fingers crossed we get the go-ahead in September.”

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Featured in our mural pictures is 18-year-old Megan Gallacher who joined the school aged just two.

The teenager is moving on to the Edinburgh School of Performing Arts.

Adelle added: “Megan joined us when she was just two years old and now she is moving on to hopefully become a professional dancer in Edinburgh.

“We are so happy for her.”

Daily Record – Paisley