Man accused of rape told cops he was having an affair with an alleged victim

A man accused of raping two women told cops he was having sex with one of his alleged victims behind his girlfriend’s back as they were “going through an off period.”

James Donoghue claimed in a police interview that he was cheating on his girlfriend “for comfort” with the woman who cannot be identified.

Evidence heard at Donoghue’s High Court trial in Paisley yesterday revealed that the female had been introduced via social media to a ‘Debbie Fox’ or ‘Debzie’ by Donoghue and both females formed a friendly “girly” relationship.

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Donoghue claims the woman had split up with her boyfriend and he and his partner were going through a hard time in 2012 and so they had “infrequent sex.”

But in 2013, after the woman learned Donoghue was pretending to be ‘Debzie,’ she decided she didn’t want to have sex with Donoghue anymore with court hearing she “felt sick to the pit of her stomach.”

Donoghue, 36, faces allegations that he raped this woman on various occasions at multiple hotels in Paisley and at her Paisley home between December 2010 and August 2014.

Evidence heard yesterday also revealed that Donoghue managed to con a former friend into a topless photo shoot as she believed she had to prove her augmented breast “looked natural.”

She told the jury she had gone to high school with Donoghue and they continued their friendship when she went to university.

The woman told how “Debbie Fox” contacted her on social media claiming to be a model scout.

Debbie Fox was indeed Donoghue posing as ‘Debzie.’

The jury was told a meeting was planned in 2012 between ‘Debzie’, the female and Donoghue who was going to be the photographer on the “casual” photo shoot.

The female told the jury: “I had expected to meet Debbie, but something came up and she wasn’t there..

“Me and James went into a lab room at Strathclyde University.

“We did some head shots and some body shots, he was a bit more nervous than me.

“I was wearing clothes to begin with, and he said we needed underwear shots, so I got changed into my underwear.

“James said that because Debbie couldn’t make it on the day that she wanted to see a picture of my breasts to see if they looked natural – because they had a policy where they didn’t normally take models who had breast augmentations.

“I said I wasn’t happy with it, so I asked him not to take a picture with my head in it as I didn’t want to do any topless shoots but I thought she (Debzie) wanted, or needed to see them.”

Court heard the female received no model contracts following the photo shoot.

Donoghue faces allegations that he raped two women at various hotels in Paisley and Glasgow.

The women are alleged to have been “directed” on what to wear and how to “behave” with Donoghue.

It is claimed they were then recorded – without their knowledge – by concealed cameras and microphones.

The charge involving the first woman spans between December 2010 and August 2014.

It lists a number of locations in Renfrewshire including the Holiday Inn and Ramada hotels in Paisley.

The rape allegation involving the second woman is from January 2011 and April 2014.

A number of places in Glasgow are listed including the Grand Central Hotel and a flat in the city’s Merchant City.

Donoghue faces an alternative to each rape charge in that he did “extort sexual intercourse” from both women.

Donoghue, of Royston, Glasgow, denies all charges against him.

The trial before Judge Lord Cubie continues.

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