Lout stashed pepper spray guns in a safe

A yob snared with Class-A drugs and two pepper spray guns has been spared a jail stretch.

Robert Gilmour, 26, was caught with cocaine and had two illegal weapons stashed in a safe when cops raided a property in Dunlop Street, Renfrew.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard Gilmour claimed the weapons were “brand new” and had never been taken out on the streets when he appeared for sentencing this week following the discovery on August 22, last year.

He pleaded guilty to charges of having cocaine in his possession for his own use.

And he admitted owning two prohibited weapons, each equipped with a canister for discharging noxious liquids.

The first spray gun contained Capsaicin (CPA) and the second Nonivamide (PAVA), which is used by police in Scotland.

The court had ordered background reports in preparation for handing him his punishment

Defence agent Bob Mitchell confirmed his client was admitting responsibility for the charges and did have some previous convictions, but none for anything as serious as possession of illegal weapons.

He said: “He does have a record, but not for anything analogous apart from Misuse of Drugs Act.

“He has no previous for anything like possession of illegal weapons or crimes of violence.

“He bought these items online and had never taken them out on the streets or in public.

“By the time the police found them, they were locked in a safe.”

The lawyer added Gilmour believed a “former pal” had shopped him to the cops in a bid to get him into trouble.

He added: “A former friend told him they were legal.

“He believes this former friend is the one who informed police.”

He urged the court to spare Gilmour, now of Prospecthill Court, Glasgow, jail as he had pleaded guilty to the charges as early as he could.

Mr Mitchell said his client was aware of the “potential consequences of carrying such weapons” but had never taken them out in public.

Sheriff James Spy said he was prepared to give Gilmour a chance to show he could stay out of trouble.

He handed him supervision for 15 months, and ordered he perform 240 hours of unpaid work within 12 months.

He warned Gilmour: “Breach this order and you will be facing a prison sentence of 12 months.”

Daily Record – Paisley