Knife-wielding thug leapt over veranda to terrorise Scots family over £40 debt

A knife-wielding thug has been caged for two years after launching a “terrifying” attack on a Paisley family at their home.

Jamie Maley, 30, targeted David Moran and Toni Lavelle while they were in their flat in Glen Street with their three young children, in a late-night vendetta.

Maley leapt over a veranda, climbed onto their balcony while holding a large kitchen knife in his hand, when he made threats and kicked around furniture and threw items at their window.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard Maley sprang the attack just before midnight on April 10, this year, over claims his brother was owed money by Mr Moran.

Procurator Fiscal Depute Frankie Morgan told the court: “The complainers Mr Moran and Ms Lavelle live together with their three children in the ground floor flat.

“Mr Moran owed £40 to an individual identified as Maley’s brother.

“Mr Moran was at home when he received text messages from Maley in relation to money owed to his brother. The accused said he was to attend later at their home.

“At around 11.45pm that night the witnesses heard a loud noise coming from the rear of the property.

“Mr Moran went to investigate. When he approached, he observed the accused standing outside the balcony.

“Maley then threw items at the window and began shouting and swearing.

“Mr Moran said he could not make out exactly what was being said, due to Maley’s state of intoxication, but it was along the lines of ‘Come here you!’”

The court heard the witness feared for his and his family’s safety. His partner also heard the disturbance and immediately recognised Maley.

The prosecutor added: “Maley then climbed over onto the balcony. Mr Moran spotted a large kitchen knife in the accused’s right hand.

“Terrified, Mr Moran quickly locked the internal door and held the handle so to prevent it from being opened by the accused.

“Maley began kicking items of furniture around the balcony including a small table and chairs. He also began banging on the window, all the while he was shouting and swearing in an aggressive manner.”

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He appeared from custody where he pleaded guilty to charges of possession of a knife and to causing public disorder where he climbed onto a balcony, repeatedly struck a window, kicked around items of furniture, shouted, swore and behaved in an aggressive manner.

Defence agent David O’Hagan said: “He knows it is a serious matter and appreciates that he will be sent to custody.”

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Sheriff Seith Ireland told him: “This must have been a terrifying experience for the victims when you turn up intoxicated, shout, swear, throw things at their window, and kick things around.

“This was disgraceful behaviour which is made worse by you having in your possession a kitchen knife.”

He handed Maley two years behind bars.”

Daily Record – Paisley