Gun thug jailed for 14 years after blasting weapon in Renfrew

A gun toting thug has been jailed for 14 years for two attempted murders.

Darren Lethorn went on the rampage in Renfrew last year, blasting a weapon at another man in a busy street.

He missed his target but the bullet smashed through a flat window, narrowly missing the person inside.

Lethorn, 34, was found guilty at the High Court in Paisley on Tuesday. His attack on an unnamed 36-year-old man happened in Cardon Square, Renfrew on Thursday, June 27 2019.

Detective Inspector Robert Bowie said: “The intent to inflict serious injury was Lethorn’s objective that day when he took the decision to point and fire a weapon at a man in public.

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“His actions are reprehensible and unacceptable. The sentence today ensures our streets are safer and that Lethorn will spend a significant amount of time behind bars.”

Daily Record – Paisley