Girl,14, has her trademark mane of 28-inch long hair cut in two for the kids that don’t have any

A Paisley teenager has had more than a foot shorn from her glossy mane of hair.

Keris Cummings said: “I just wanted another wee girl to have hair for Christmas.

“For them to be able to open their presents looking great in a wig is very important to me.”

Ten bunches of her hair have been sent to the Little Princess Trust, which provides wigs for young people who have lost their locks through cancer treatment or alopecia.

Family and friends have also stumped up a total of £1,340, which will be donated to the trust.

The original target was £100.

Keris, 14, had sported 28-inch long hair when she arrived at the Fade & Dye salon in Well Street, Paisley (pictured below.)


Stylist  Kirsty McIlory sliced it off in 14-inch long strands.

Keris’ mum Claire was allowed to make the first cut, as you can see below.


Claire, a hospital staff nurse, has been startled by her 14-year-old daughter’s new look.

She said: “Keris has had long hair ever since she was a little girl.  I have never seen it as short and it has taken some getting used to.

“But I am so pleased she has done it.

“I was allowed to cut the first lock and I was so nervous about it.”

Claire added: “Everybody has been so generous – my mum’s work, my work and friends and family.

“It has been a very useful exercise all round.”

 Keris is in fourth year at Castlehead High.


Previously, her hair flowed past her waist and stylist Kirsty is seen above with her measuring tape.

Now it is just down past her shoulder.

She said: “I tried to get it cut in November, but then the lockdown hit.

“Thankfully, Fade & Dye, which is our regular hairdresser, managed to fit us in before the new lockdown  starts after Christmas.”

Daily Record – Paisley