Drunk attacked boxer brother – and ended up in hospital himself

A drunk bit off more than he could chew when he attacked his boxer brother – and his sibling hit back, putting him in hospital.

Thomas McLeod lashed out at brother Dylan McLeod after the pair rowed over noise.

Thomas began raining blows on his brother’s head as Dylan put his hands up to protect him.

Dylan asked Thomas to stop but his sibling continued to lay in to him.

Dylan then struck out in self-defence as he tried to bring the assault to an end.

And his boxing prowess meant that he inflicted a wound so bad it was the attacker, Thomas, who had to be taken to hospital for medical attention.

The details emerged today when Thomas, 36, appeared in the dock at Paisley Sheriff Court.

He had earlier admitted charges of assaulting Dylan, on May 30, 2020, at a property in Paisley, near Glasgow, and behaving in a threatening or abusive way by shouting, swearing and acting aggressively.

Procurator Fiscal Depute Sobia Kidd explained: “The accused attended the locus in a state of intoxication after consuming a considerable amount of alcohol that day.

“He became engaged in a verbal argument with his brother, Dylan McLeod, in particular, due to the accused being too loud in the upstairs bedroom.

“The accused started to shout and swear at the witness and became aggressive.

“He moved towards the witness and punched him several times to the head and face.

“The witness asked him to calm down but he continued to punch the witness with both fists, causing the witness to protect his head with his arms.”

Others in the house at the time heard the assault and rushed to see what the commotion was.

They tried to calm the situation down before Dylan lashed out to protect himself.

Miss Kidd, prosecuting, explained: “In self-defence the witness punched out to try to create distance and stop the assault.

Dylan used his boxing prowess to fend off his brother – and put him in hospital.
(Image: Facebook.)

“The accused continued to swear, such as ‘f*** off’ and continued to punch the witness Dylan.”

They both fell on to the bed and Dylan managed to get away and contacted the police.

When officers arrived they found Dylan “in a distressed state” in the street, and he told them Thomas was in the bedroom.

When they arrived at the bedroom he began shouting and swearing at the officers and stood in an aggressive stance with his fists clenched.

Thomas was then taken to Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital where medics had to use three stitches to seal the wound he’d suffered from Dylan’s single punch, while Dylan did not require hospital treatment.

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Defence solicitor Eamonn McGeehan said: “He picked the wrong brother to pick a fight with.

“His brother is an amateur boxer and he had put his arms up to protect himself like boxers do.

“His brother then gave him a good crack, which resulted in the injury.

“He had been particularly loud and his brother took exception to that.

“He confronted him about it and, as I said, he picked the wrong person to have a fight with.

“The brothers swiftly made up.”

After noting that his last conviction was 17 years ago, Sheriff Sukhwinder Gill fined Thomas £730, and ordered him to pay £40 compensation to his brother, and said: “I grew up with five brothers and I’ve never seen my brothers behaving like that.”

Daily Record – Paisley