Driver with no insurance panics and leads cops on chase through Paisley

A speeding driver led cops on a chase through Paisley town centre before ploughing into traffic lights and then fleeing the scene.

Careless John Cameron was shopped for driving without insurance on January 24 this year by officers out on a late night patrol.

But when they turned on their blue lights, the racer panicked and speed off in his Honda Civic at more than 50mph through the streets of Paisley’s town centre.

The yob was seen swerving all over the road and then blew through a red light before crashing into traffic lights in the town’s Brediland Street during the late-night car chase.

The 31-year-old appeared at Paisley Sheriff Court where it was heard that the chase took place through the streets of Paisley and Foxbar – all of which had a 30mph speed limit.

Procurator fiscal depute Kara Watt said: “The area which this took place extends over multiple roads in Paisley Town Centre and Foxbar.

“All of these roads have a 30mph speed limit.

“Around 12.35am officers were out on a mobile patrol in a marked police vehicle.

“They observed the vehicle, which was a Honda Civic travelling on Broomlands Street.

“The vehicle was being driven by the accused and he was the sole occupant.

“The accused turned right on to Gallowgreen Road and a moving vehicle check confirmed there was no insurance.

“He continued onto Maxwellton Street and the speed of the vehicle continued to increase.

“Police then pursued the vehicle through a red traffic signal and the accused continued to drive along Maxwellton Street onto Loundsdale Road, travelling at 55mph.

“He was driving in an erratic manner, crossing over chevrons, moving between the white lines onto the opposing carriageway and back onto the correct carriageway.

“The accused continued driving at speed along Brediland Road where he then lost control of his vehicle and collided with a set of traffic lights, causing a large amount of damage to the traffic light signal and the street furniture.

“He got out of the car and made off in to a near by park.”

Police soon traced Cameron and he was arrested and taken to the back of the police vehicle.

It was then that officers discovered a large hunting knife in the car.

Ms Watt added: “The accused told the police ‘It’s not mine, it’s my mates.’

“I know whose it is but I’m not telling you’.”

Cameron pleaded guilty to driving a car on Broomlands Street, Loundsdale Road and Brediland Road without insurance on January 24 this year.

He admitted driving at excessive speed, driving in an erratic manner, failing to stop at a red traffic light and driving over on to the opposing carriageway.


He also admitted failing to maintain proper control of the vehicle and colliding with traffic lights and street furniture on Brediland Road.

Cameron, of Waverley Road, Paisley also pleaded guilty to having a knife in his possession without reasonable excuse or lawful authority on the same date.

In another charge, Cameron admitted breaching bail conditions on January 25 this year, when he failed to come to the door when officers came to check on him.

His lawyer, James Arrol told the court drug addict Cameron had been smoking heroin and did not hear the officers at the door.

He added: “His position is that he was home. The lights were on but he had been taking heroin and was asleep and simply did not hear the door.

“He does have a problem with drugs. He is up front about it.

“He is now on methadone prescription and he is looking much better for it.

“He doesn’t have a lengthy record.”

In relation to the other charges he added: “He didn’t have insurance and when the blue police lights went on he panicked.

“His position is that the knife was not his. He knew it had been in the car from a fishing trip but he forgot about it.”

The case was adjourned until August 27.

Daily Record – Paisley