Dedicated Paisley youngster makes a bid to clean up park

A Paisley youngster has made a bid to help improve her community.

Lilly Adam has launched her own improvement programme to help tidy up Durrockstock Park.

The 11-year-old has mounted a clean-up campaign after reading of improvements set to get underway at the site.

Upgrade work is due to be carried out by Renfewshire Council will see the site overhauled with brand-new play equipment installed after it was identified as one of those in the area most in need of work as part of the authority’s £1.25 million package of park works.

It will see a number of sites throughout Renfrewshire have ailing play equipment replaced and seven others will have existing equipment refurbished.

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But St Paul’s Primary pupil Lilly was keen to help things along with her own campaign to help improve the park’s environment.

Proud mum Grace told the Express: “I was telling Lilly about the plans to redo Durrockstock Park, we were talking about that and the state of the park generally and she said it’s a mess.

“I said to her why don’t you try to do something about it then?”

The conversation was enough to spur the determined Foxbar youngster into action and she began her own bid to boost the upgrade programme.

Added Grace: “She went and did it off her own back, the Councillor Stephen Burns dropped off some litter pickers and stuff and she went out and about, she was really gung ho about it and the first weekend she picked up about 16 or 17 bags of rubbish.”

The motivated youngster then made her own dog poo bag dispensers from juice bottles and mounted them at strategic points throughout the park to encourage the area’s pet owners to clean up after their animals.

And despite some of her improvised devices suffering from vandalism, Lilly remained as determined as ever, said her mum: “One of the dispensers was set on fire at the far end of the park. We had discussed with her that something might happen to them so we had kind of pre-empted it but she wasn’t disappointed about it, it made her angry and she was quite determined.

“I’m proud that she wanted to do something to help and it was from her own ideas.”

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