Community leaders say stop sign is desperately needed at Bishopton junction

Roads chiefs are coming under increasing pressure to install a stop sign at a hazardous Bishopton crossroads before a fatal accident occurs.

The community council, elected member James MacLaren and the area’s Conservative MSP candidate, Julie Pirone, have joined forces to lobby local authority bosses to urgently take action at the junction of Old Greenock Road and Kingston Road.

Drivers coming north up Kingston Road are often unaware they need to give way to cars crossing their path on Old Greenock Road, leading to some major side-on collisions which have been captured on CCTV nearby.

Residents also insist it is extremely difficult to see cars coming from the left without easing your car over the white lines into Old Greenock Road.

A stop sign has been put in place on the other side of the crossroads for drivers travelling south down Kingston Road, but council chiefs insist there is no need for one to be installed at the junction of concern.

Officers have refreshed the white lines in recent weeks and have pledged to install a cranked pole give way sign to make it more visible, but campaigners are continuing to insist the roads department is not doing enough.

David Woodrow, chair of Bishopton Community Council, said: “We have been lobbying the council to do something about this junction for some considerable time.

“We need a stop sign rather than a give way one because the sight lines are not good and there has been a couple of quite serious accidents in the recent past.

“We have quite good CCTV in the area and there was a collision recently caused by someone blatantly not giving way. Thankfully no one was hurt but it was a big crash.

“There are more people travelling by car these days and we have noticed it definitely getting busier.

“The council has gone over the white lines recently but they’re still not entirely satisfactory. The issue is you are coming up a hill on that road, so your eyes are not down at the lines. This is why we need a stop sign.”

Mrs Pirone, who has begun campaigning to clinch Derek Mackay’s Renfrewshire North and West seat at next year’s Scottish Parliament elections, said improving the state of the region’s roads was a top priority.

According to the Fix My Street website, more than 3,400 complaints about the area’s carriageways have been lodged in recent years.

The former general election candidate said she was frustrated the council were not committing to installing a stop sign after numerous pleas from the community.

“I am very disappointed Renfrewshire Council is refusing to listen to serious concerns from the local community on this dangerous junction,” said Mrs Pirone.

“I share views a stop sign should be considered and urgently put in place before any further accidents happen here.”

A council spokesman said: “The safety of road users is paramount and following concerns raised about this location, white lines were refreshed and a cranked pole give way sign has been ordered and is being installed as soon as it is supplied.

“The stop sign in place for road users travelling south on Kingston Road recognises the limited visibility when approaching the junction from this direction, but it is felt an additional stop sign when approaching from the other direction, where there is good visibility, is not appropriate.

“We will be meeting Bishopton Community Council members to discuss this junction.”

Daily Record – Paisley