Collapsed village bridge on “popular” route “must be fixed urgently”

Calls have been made for a village bridge with a giant hole through the middle to be urgently fixed.

Councillor James MacLaren has expressed major concern over the dodgy crossing in Bridge of Weir, which sits on the path between Amaretto Italian restaurant and Horsewood Road.

The veteran elected member initially pointed the finger at Renfrewshire Council, but local authority bosses – who taped over the bridge to stop people trying to use it – have insisted they can do nothing as it isn’t their responsibility.

However, Councillor MacLaren – who represents the village alongside Bishopton and Langbank – said he reported the problem more than a month ago and no council staff have told him it is privately owned.

The Conservative man said the path at the bottom of The Glen is a popular route and insisted whoever is responsible for its maintenance needs to outline a plan to get it fixed.

He said: “I find it astonishing this footbridge isn’t being given serious attention when it is such a popular route in the village.

“Taping off the bridge was a severely misguided decision and has only heightened the frustrations over the lack of repair work across the villages.

“If the council aren’t the owners of this bridge, then the least they could have done was respond to the concerns I raised with officials over a month ago and pointed me in the right direction.

“Whoever is ultimately responsible needs to come out and see this bridge for themselves, like I have done, and outline an urgent plan of action to make it fit for purpose.”

The council has said it is trying to get in touch with the owner but has insisted there is nothing officers can do in the meantime to bring the route back into use.

A council spokesman said: “This footbridge is not owned or maintained by the Council, but we have taped it off to ensure safety for local residents following its partial collapse.

“We are working to contact the owner to request it is repaired as soon as possible.”

Daily Record – Paisley